"Having been a Horse Racing Fan all my life, the early resumption of the sport in France on 11 May 2020 presented an opportunity. Having started, I could not stop and the Racing across the Channel has become my passion. With the exception of the Arc weekend in October, it is largely overlooked in the UK. This site is my attempt to bring it into the British Racing Domain and showcase what a wonderful opportunity there is to enjoy "Course De Chevaux" 


Adam Mills

Adam Mills spent 16 years working in Finance (whilst still a racing fan) before a chance opportunity allowed him to pursue his passion for Racing. He is the Co-Founder of Prix De La Horse, who shares his knowledge, expertise and analysis to bring you the best of the French Racing Scene.

Lauren Villavicencio

As Adam's wife, she has done everything in her power to make his dream of working in Racing, a reality. She has provided continuous and unwavering support to him, whilst using her considerable IT Skills to develop and build this brand. 

This would never have happened without her.