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French Recruits 2023 - The List

Willie Mullins

As we head into September it will soon be time for the new National Hunt season. I have already discussed some of those horses who have joined yards in the UK and Ireland but much like last year I have simply not had time to cover more than a small sample. Just as I did last year, there is a link below to the full list. There are fewer names this time around, but that is in part because it has become much more difficult to find the information regarding many of the sales and I have only included those where I have been able to verify accurately that the horse is in the yard. As you can see from the list below, Willie Mullins continues to dominate the recruitment of French horses and that is why his name appears at the top of the list. There are others also worthy of mention and I have also included the Racing Post column to highlight those horses that are already on their database so that you can get a second opinion of the form.

Thank you for reading this series. As I said at the start of August, this is the final year for the French Recruits on my blog and I hope that many of you have found it useful over the last 3 seasons.

French Recruits 2023
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