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Prixdelahorse Tracker - Le Magnifico

Le Magnifico winning at Machecoul, France

Today saw the first 3-year-old Flat race of the year for the AQPS horses in France at Machecoul. It is not a straight comparison, but they are very similar to the National Hunt Flat races that are run in the UK and Ireland, but one key difference is that the vast majority of these races are age specific. As a result, the 3 and 4-year-old races can be very informative for the future. The most recent examples that I can offer are Irish Point and Il Est Francais, who both began their careers in these races and who ended their 3-year-old seasons finishing 1st and 2nd in a Grade 1 AQPS race at Saint-Cloud. I am not saying for one moment that today's winner Le Magnifico is at their level, but I was very impressed with his winning effort and I have put a copy of notes below to be downloaded if you wish to keep an eye on him.

Notes on the Prix des Jeunes, Machecoul


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