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Deauville 12th & 13th August - Ratings

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Clearly most of this weekends focus built around the Prix Jacques le Marois and rightly so. However, we also had a total of 7 races on the PSF track and as usual I have run those race results through the ratings model.

There is nothing particularly exceptional about these races, though if there is a piece of form to follow it is surely the first of the 3-year-old handicaps on Sundays card where we saw a fast time and the highest ratings of any horses in the last 2-weeks. The close finish and end-to-end gallop would lend itself to that kind of rating being produced, but we should also remember that this was a Quinte handicap and as such you might expect such a time from higher rated horses in a full field. The most significant point that I can find to raise is regarding the going description. I have touched on this issue before and in particular to highlight the fact that the assumption that an artificial surface always rides the same is in fact a myth. However, on Saturday the PSF track was officially reported as "Lente" or Slow, yet by Sunday it had changed to standard. How much difference can those 24-hours have made? Especially with relatively little rain in the area. Neither the times or the race patterns suggest there was any change, but if I came to this form separately in the months to come I might be forgiven for assuming that the horses who ran on Saturday were at a disadvantage. I know it's minor point but this is why I use my own records to compare the going descriptions as I want to have as much accuracy as possible, with the data to back it up. The ratings for the PSF races this weekend can be found below.

Ratings for the races at Deauville


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